Double Elvis and iHeartMedia Announce "Blood on the Tracks: The John Lennon Story"

Jake Brennan Returns to Host the Second Season of the Part True-crime, Part Historical Fiction Podcast Exploring the Story of The Rebel, Radical and Revolutionary, John Lennon

“Blood on the Tracks: The John Lennon Story” to Premiere August 19th With The First Two Episodes of the 10-Episode Series; Trailer HERE





Blood on the Tracks: The John Lennon Story” will take a deep dive into the story of John Lennon’s post-Beatles years in the turbulent, political, and violent 1970s, told from the perspective of those who knew him best. The season will delve deep into Lennon’s ties with political revolutionaries, the demonization of his character by the FBI and President Nixon, the curdling of his relationship with former songwriting partner Paul McCartney, the 18-month period of debauchery in Los Angeles known as “The Lost Weekend,” and his untimely assassination at the age of 40.

Part true crime, part historical fiction, part spoken word lo-fi beat noir brought to you by Jake Brennan, the host of the award-winning music and true crime podcast, “Disgraceland,” the series will feature the fictionalized voices of Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson, Richard Nixon, and Mark David Chapman. Just like John Lennon, this podcast sounds like nothing you’ve heard before. Because you can’t push the needle into the red without leaving a little blood on the tracks.

The narrative arc of this season will culminate in a truly transgressive way: first with an episode told from the POV of Lennon’s deranged assassin, and finally with an episode told from the POV of Holden Caulfield, a fictional character come to life who condemns the phoniness of Mark David Chapman and constructs a magically realistic portrait of Lennon existing in the 1980s.

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Blood on the Tracks: The John Lennon Story” is distributed by the iHeartPodcast Network and will premiere with the first two episodes on August 19th. Subsequent episodes of the 10-episode series will be released every week on Thursdays on iHeartRadio and everywhere podcasts are heard.  For more information, please visit  


Blood on the Tracks: The John Lennon Story” is brought to listeners by Double Elvis, an audio-first media company that explores life through the lens of music with hit podcasts like “Disgraceland,” “27 Club,” “Dear Young Rocker” and more, and iHeartRadio.


Blood on the Tracks: The John Lennon Story” audio trailer HERE

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The first season of “Blood on the Tracks” focused on the story of murderer and musical genius, Phil Spector. Episodes of “Blood on the Tracks: The John Lennon Story” include:

  • John Lennon and John Sinclair
  • John Lennon and Ringo Starr (Lost Weekend)
  • John Lennon and Phil Spector
  • John Lennon and Keith Moon (Lost Weekend)
  • John Lennon and Richard Nixon
  • John Lennon and Harry Nilsson (Lost Weekend)
  • John Lennon and Dick Cavett
  • John Lennon and David Bowie
  • John Lennon and Mark David Chapman
  • John Lennon and Holden Caulfield

Blood on the Tracks: The John Lennon Story” will also feature fictionalized voices of Jerry Rubin, Yoko Ono, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, John Sinclair, Paul McCartney, Chuck Berry and many more. 

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